• Spiritus in Machina
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    Spiritus in Machina

    Hiding his dead brother’s consciousness within his ‘Artificial Ego’ implant, a space magnate returns to the underground lunar city of their common past, reuniting with the woman they both…

  • Aftermath – Theia’s monologue

    Aftermath – Theia’s monologue

    Meet Theia, a synthetic paradox of supremacy and servitude.  This is the first teaser of the Hex Space story, which will gradually unfold through posts presenting the main characters,…

  • Hex Space teaser trailer
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    Hex Space teaser trailer

    Trailer for an independent science fiction project in the making. Following the parallel stories of the enigmatic Hex Space founding father and his successors, the narrative is set in…

  • Under Siege

    Under Siege

    – What do you know about wars, Cassandra? – Wars are about resources. Who controls and who owns them. – Wrong. Wars are about power. Resources are just the…