Spiritus in Machina

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Hiding his dead brother’s consciousness within his ‘Artificial Ego’ implant, a space magnate returns to the underground lunar city of their common past, reuniting with the woman they both loved.

This is a pilot teaser for the grand narrative of Hex Space, a story about the protagonists and events that defined a time when nothing was more valuable in space than space itself.

Hex Space is an original work in progress, created by Greek filmmaker Nikolaos Stampoulopoulos. The project aspires to evolve into a science fiction franchise that will include books, games, a TV series (with possible spinoffs) and various forms of online content. All characters in this video are AI generated.

Any resemblance with existing persons is unintentional and coincidental.

Generative AI tools used in the making of this video: Midjourney, Leonardo, Runway, Luma Labs Dream Machine, Eleven Labs, Udio, Videoproc, Photoshop. Edited and graded in DaVinci Resolve.