Under Siege

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– What do you know about wars, Cassandra?

– Wars are about resources. Who controls and who owns them.

– Wrong. Wars are about power. Resources are just the means to consolidate that power.

– So, all it takes to start a war is someone with a big enough ego?

– Yep, but you also need skills to win one.

– And luck.

– Some people make their own luck. The powerful ones decide for the luck of others. One particular man in the system decides for the luck of billions.

– Maybe it’s time for him to stop.

– Make him.

– I can’t. I don’t have the power, or even the crave to pursue it.

– You don’t need to. All you need is a damn good narrative. A better story than the one he’s been telling everyone all these years.

– His story is a lie.

– A powerful lie, though. People like grand narratives more than anything, and his narrative is the grandest of them all. I once fell for it myself. You, too.